Learning Disabilities and Palliative Care Project
Learning Disabilities and Palliative Care Project

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The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice
Allison O'Donnell / LIz Smith

Practice Development Facilitator (PCPWLD)
71 Carlton Place
G5 9TD

Tel: 0141 429 5599(dd) 0141 429 9878 (f) 0141 429 2566


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Learning Disabilities and Palliative Care Project

In 2011 The Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice carried out a scoping exercise with community LD teams and Palliative Care Teams within Greater Glasgow and Clyde looking at “improving palliative care for people with learning disabilities through the provision of education for the care team”. The recommendations from this scoping exercise were put forward and funding secured from Help the Hospices and the Scottish Government to fund this project “ Learning Disabilities and Palliative Care: Building Bridges-Supporting Care.

The purpose of this project is bringing two specialities together using a practice development approach to support staff in the provision of the best quality care for people with LD who have palliative care needs.

We have now identified Key Practitioners from within each Learning Disability and Hospice service and they are meeting once every 2 months. They will disseminate information from these meetings to your teams. Look out for the new A-Z of Resources and Reading Materials Folder within your service.

If there are Resources you would like to be included on the webpage please email us at   allison.o’donnell@ppwh.org.uk or liz.smith@ppwh.org.uk

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