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Learning Disabilities and Palliative Care Project

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The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice
Allison O'Donnell / LIz Smith

Practice Development Facilitator (PCPWLD)
71 Carlton Place
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Project Update


We are now about to enter year 3 of our project “Learning Disabilities and Palliative Care: Building Bridges-Supporting Care. Throughout the past 2 years we have seen fantastic progress made in the provision of palliative care for PWLD, in particular through the increased skills and knowledge that our key practitioners have developed through the support and educational opportunities provided by the project. There have been many other wonderful educational opportunities both locally and nationally and the increasing interest in the provision of palliative care for PWLD is very encouraging.

 The next phase of the project that is due to commence in September this year is the 6 month pilot of the care pathway we have developed - ”Support through the Learning Disability and Palliative Care Journey”. The care pathway looks at supporting the patient, carers and professionals through the patient’s journey from there being a concerning health issue raised right through to end of life care and bereavement .The 6 month pilot which will include patients from Greater Glasgow and Clyde and Ayrshire and Arran will identify how the care pathway has influenced the patient, carer and professional experience. This next phase of the project is very exciting for us and we thank all those involved for their continual support and encouragement.



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